Living on Nesodden

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Some people talk about how a city feels "alive." There's an energy at all hours of the day, and the lights and noise and activity never really subside. I've enjoyed my time living in various cities, but that constant hum seems unsustainable. 

Living on Nesodden, I've noticed that there's a distinct cycle of things. During the mornings, there's a steady stream of commuters moving towards the tip of the peninsula to ride the ferry to and from work. A scattered few move around the peninsula during the day, and in the late afternoon, everything reverses as people come home.

On the weekends, people move outdoors. The skiers take to the trails. The bikers and runners move along beside the cars driving here and there. The sleepy town center seems to wake up as everyone crowds the grocery to stock up before the stores close for Sunday. 

Our family had to adjust to the closed stores on Sunday when we moved to Norway. We're prone to forgetting things, and would often find ourselves needing a bit of milk or bread when Sunday morning came around. There are a handful of places where you can go on Sundays for these staples, but we also just sometimes went without or made a substitute for something we were used to - like yogurt instead of eggs for breakfast.

When things are open all hours of the day, all days of the week, there's convenience, but there's also something that's lost. I can't quite put my finger on why, but I love the cycles here. I love the balance of stillness and activity. Of quiet and commotion. Of having what we need and also being patient. We plan better now. We relax better now. And despite being immigrants, we don't really feel like outsiders. We feel at home and part of this living community.

Not all blog posts will be about quilting, but there's a good chance they'll all have a picture of a quilt in them... enjoy.

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New in Norway

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I've been in Norway for over a year now, so to say I'm "new in Norway" is a little misleading.  And yet, as we plan to live out our lives here, each day continues to be full of adventure and possibilities. Each day still feels quite new.

I'm Daisy Aschehoug.  My family and I moved to Norway in July of 2017. The details of our story can emerge slowly on this blog, but the main reasons for the move related to work and family and escaping the hot, humid climate of the southern United States. 

As my final bit of this first introduction, I want to explain what I love most about my new home. Whether you call it "hygge" or "koselig" or "cozy/secure/safe/happy/comfortable," there is a pursuit of something good here that resonates with me. My mission is to integrate my love for quilting with this place.

To that end, I give lectures about quilting. I teach quilting. I design quilts and write patterns for quilt magazines. I curl up with quilts on the couch and tuck quilts around my children at night while they are sleeping. We eat off of quilted placemats and use hand sewn napkins.  We live quilted lives, and I'm happy to start sharing some of that with you here.  Thank you for joining me!

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