My name is Daisy Aschehoug, and I'm an American living in Nesodden, Norway. 

 I've been designing quilts for magazines since 2016, and most of those quilts incorporate some element of curved piecing into a modern traditional design aesthetic. In 2020, I published my first book with co-author Heather Black, Quilt Modern Curves and Bold Stripes. My second book, Quilting with Curves, will be available summer 2023.

My most popular class and product, Giant Nested Curves, provides quilters with an elegant approach using a variety of textiles: off cuts from projects, favorite fabrics, and treasured scraps collected over the years. The acrylic template set grew out of my experiments with piecing a variety of curved seams in my own quilts.

Many Nested Curves is the next iteration of innovation with curves and the result of more than fifty quilt designs involving curved piecing. I never enjoyed using curved cutting tools like templates that use "tracks" for the rotary cutter. And traditional quarter circle square templates utilize two pieces of acrylic for each size of curve. My Many Nested Curves uses an efficient, 12-piece set to achieve 6 different sizes of quarter circle squares, as well as unlimited block arrangements with several curves.

I'm a member of Norsk Quilteforbundet, the Modern Quilt Guild, and the Studio Art Quilt Associates. I have a masters in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana, and I spent several years in the United States helping federal and state governments work with communities to develop best practices for managing natural resources.  Now that I am fully immersed in designing, making, and teaching the art of quilting, I'm excited to explore how the resources I use in my craft can reflect socially and environmentally sustainable practices. And I'm always looking to share the joy of quilting with a diverse audience.

Gallery of quilts