Workshop and Lecture Details

Thank you for your interest in hiring me to speak and teach at your event! The first step to hiring me is for us to connect via email. Once you've decided on a topic and we have agreed on a date, I'll send you my contract that contains the event dates/times/topics, expectations for the event (no recording), various options for your method of payment, and contingency plans for both in-person and virtual events. All fees are listed in USD, but I also accept Euros and Norwegian kroner.

My fees

  • Lecture/trunk show, in-person and virtual, 60-90 minutes: $400 
  • Full day workshop, virtual for up to 20 people, 5 hours*: $800
  • Full day workshop, in-person for up to 20 people**, 6 hours: $800
  • No minimum engagement required (I will travel for a workshop without requiring a lecture or vice versa).

*Up to 10 extra participants may be added at $40 per participant. Virtual workshops contain the same content as in-person workshops, but the virtual context speeds up content delivery. For example, participants are working in a familiar environment with all of their own equipment (no waiting in line for the iron). Most participants enjoy a pace that allows us to cover the material within 5 hours. 

**Regarding capacity for in-person workshops, extra participants may be added so long as space allows for comfortable seating and there is a ratio of at least one iron for every five participants. Check with me when booking for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions for Virtual Programming

1. Would you like to stay for the duration of our meeting when you lecture?

This is a kind invitation, and if lectures occurred during my normal waking hours, I would be delighted to enjoy some extra time with your group. I'll probably appear quite bright-eyed, but there is a good chance that it's between 2am,-4am when I am lecturing for your group. Unless other arrangements are made, I appreciate being notified an approximate time when I will speak and not being asked to wait more than 60 minutes for my presentation to begin. 

2. Do we use your Zoom account or ours?

We'll use my Zoom account for workshops, and we'll use a guild's zoom account for lectures unless your guild requests to use my account. 

3. Do I need to make you a co-host for lectures?

Yes! This is very important. Many guild zoom accounts require that only hosts are allowed to share their screen. I have been in a guild meeting where everyone logged in as a participant and there was no designated host who could share that capability with me. 

4. Does it matter that you're in Norway and we are in another country?

Usually, it does not. Occasionally, a guild has set their Zoom account to limit participation to a geographic area. Until further notice, I'm joining all lectures from Norway, so you need to be sure there are no geographic limitations on your Zoom account. If you do have limitations, this is an instance where it might be easier to use my account. There is no fee to use my account unless your membership exceeds 100.

5. Do you recommend a Zoom test?

There no longer seems to be a need to participate in tests prior to an event. Guilds that are attempting a hybrid meeting format (in person and virtual) may have special needs that can be communicated with me prior to a scheduled event. For groups testing sound, I encourage groups to use one of their own members to log in and speak. It's not necessary for me to participate in this test.

6. Do you offer a discount on acrylic templates for your virtual workshops?

Absolutely! If a guild representative volunteers to receive a group shipment, I offer a significant discount. Please inquire about this option if this applies to your group.


Details for In-Person Events

Note: airfare pricing varies depending on the geographic origin of the online search (sometimes searches inside of Norway yield lower prices). To estimate the airfare costs, please look up the rate from my home airport of Oslo, Norway (OSL), but also check with me to make sure the estimate reflects the lowest price available. 

  • Meals, hotel lodging, and travel expenses required for bookings outside a half-day travel from the Oslo area.
  • Meals are charged at the per diem rate of $50 per day. I do not charge for meals on travel days.
  • Travel reimbursements include airfare, public transportation to/from my home airport, baggage fees, and reasonable hotel accommodation.
  • I book my own airfare.
  • A projector & screen (or HDMI TV) are required for lectures and technology workshops along with electricity and extension cords. No projector needed for sewing workshops but can be used if available.
  • A few tables are helpful to set up and share my patterns, quilts, templates, and books.