Review of New Patchwork and Quilting Basics

Posted by Daisy Aschehoug on

I'm excited to review Jo Avery's book, New Patchwork and Quilting Basics! 

Jo's book is a fantastic guide for the beginner. There are a dozen projects to choose from, and Jo's an expert at breaking each technique into manageable steps.

I loved the Tree of Paradise quilt. There's something so beautiful about two color half square triangles!

And this adorable Flower Garland Pillow would be such a fun way to learn applique!

I wanted to test one of the projects, and knowing that I love curves, I instantly decided to play around with a few parts of the Pinball Wizard.

 Just to get in the groove, I blasted a bit of The Who's Pinball Wizard while I worked. It was pretty fun to rock out while almost literally bouncing around my studio.  

I took kind of a haphazard approach to my fabric selection, simply grabbing whatever was in reach. I'm such a planner that it was refreshing to just jump in and see what happens!

My first surprise was when I sat down to sew the inner curve. Jo planned the order of sewing so that all the seams were pointing away from my machine which made that tight curve much easier than I expected.

I also used the templates to cut on a fold. I've not done this before, but it meant the center line on my template piece was crisp and easy to find.

Turns out, my pinballing around the studio left me with a SUPER scrappy block. 

I took some of the paper pieced sections and tested a bit of a half moon/half sun look.

Then I alternated them and tried a few variations in the center.

Truthfully, I might have blown past a reasonable amount of chaos and scrappiness...

 But I don't care because my Pinball Wizard is going to make a great pillow for my couch!

Ask for Jo's book at your local quilt shop or purchase online at Ad Libris (in Norway), on Amazon, from the publisher C & T Publishing. Or, if you are in the UK you can order a signed copy direct from her for £19.99 (incl. P & P) by clicking on her website here 

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