Round Fabric Art Bowls with Kirsten Fisher

Posted by Daisy Aschehoug on

My husband finds it fascinating that I believe you can never have too many bowls. In our house, there is no end to the bowls in the kitchen, on the bathroom counter, on my bedside table. I love having places to put things, and Kirsten Fisher has a new book out that combines my love of bowls with my love of sewing!

I assumed that I would need special tools and materials, but everything she uses is either already in my sewing space or quite easy to get ahold of in the local shops.

I love how there are so many different options depending on the complexity desired. Kirsten uses single pieces of fabric, embellished fabric, and fabric that is pieced like quilt blocks.

She's also included strategies for dealing with directional (for example, stripes) and non directional fabric like florals or these black and white geometric prints below.

I love how she adds a bit of applique to embellish a whole cloth bowl!

You can read more about Kirsten on her website, and purchase your copy of her book in her shop!

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  • This book looks so cool!

    Ellen Robinson on
  • I love beautiful things that are also utilitarian :)
    Will you be making any with (adapted) patterns from your “Quilting with Curves” book?

    C.J. on

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