Giant Nested Curves (On Demand)
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Giant Nested Curves (On Demand)

[This is a pre-order for access to my on-demand workshop. The workshop will be available the second week of June, and during the pre-order period, there is a 25% discount that will be applied one you place the item in your shopping cart.]

The Giant Nested Curves workshop covers two separate topics: building an improv slab of "made" fabric AND all the basics for sewing precise quarter circle seams. We cover each step in detail: fabric and color placement, cutting, basting, sewing, pressing, and trimming. This workshop is perfect for precision curved piecing!

Your purchase is for access to the course and any updates for 6 months. The price is in Norwegian kroner (NOK). Depending on the exchange rate, 500 NOK equals approximately $47 USD. 

Templates can be purchased separately here.

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