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Quarter Circle Table Runner

Posted by Daisy Aschehoug on

Oakshott Fabrics Ruby Red bundle of shot cottons
I had the pleasure of working with a beautiful bundle of Ruby Red shot cottons from Oakshott Fabrics for this table runner.
Oakshott Fabrics Ruby Red bundle of shot cottons
There's just something fantastic about shot cottons. Contrasting threads in the warp and the weft (threads running vertically and horizontally) create subtle shifts in color as the fabric moves under the light. 
I might have been a little distracted by the beauty of those shifting colors - the rotary cutter almost took off the tip of my finger! Oops!
Quilting injury on finger nail
There's something almost meditative about repeat sewing. I don't often have repetitive sewing like I did with this project, but I found I enjoyed what we quilters call "chain piecing."
Stack of quarter circles for quilted table runner with Oakshott Fabrics Ruby Red bundle of shot cottons
And table runners quilt up so quickly! I loaded it on my long arm and quilted it without needing to advance the rollers.
Long arm quilting of quilted table runner with Oakshott Fabrics Ruby Red bundle of shot cottons
The best part is having a a beautiful accent piece for our holiday meal this Christmas. 
Orchids on table with quilted table runner with Oakshott Fabrics Ruby Red bundle of shot cottons
I think it might have to make an appearance for Valentine's Day, too! Such a versatile table decoration! 


As usual, I used my trusty Aurifil 50wt for piecing and forty3 (3 ply cotton 40wt) for the quilting. 


If you'd like to make your own, the pattern for this table runner is in the latest issue of Quiltemagasinet. Check with my favorite local quilt shop, Kathrines Quiltestue, and see if they'll mail you a copy!
quilted table runner with Oakshott Fabrics Ruby Red bundle of shot cottons

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