Illustrator for Quilt Design (On Demand)
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Illustrator for Quilt Design (On Demand)

Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator to design quilts! This course is suitable for designers who have never used Illustrator before or experienced Illustrators users looking for quilt-specific tools.

This course is on-demand which means you can access the material at your leisure. Approximately one hour and 40 minutes of video instruction is arranged into two sections: beginner and advanced. Each section has separate videos per topic for ease of navigation. Topics include document setup, basic tools, half-square triangles, quarter-circle squares, color palettes, fabric swatches, symbols, and more!

Your purchase is for access to the course and any updates for 6 months. The price is in Norwegian kroner. Depending on the exchange rate, this equals approximately $47 USD. 

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