Virtual Content for Guilds

Is your guild or club looking for virtual content? Would your members like to have a sew day at home (maybe in their pajamas!) while still connecting with friends from guild? Take a look at these options!

Coffee Klatch: 45-60 minutes - $100 USD

Ever wonder where my quilt design ideas come from? Want to hear about my most disappointing quilt? Which quilting shortcuts I take and which tasks I'm painfully particular about? What's my favorite batting? Or maybe you're curious about my move from the US to Norway? Put the kettle on or pop open a bottle of wine as we settle in for a good, long chat.

How does it work? Your guild sends questions that I'll answer live during a Zoom session at your next guild meeting. Once the advance questions are answered, I'll answer questions from the real-time comments in the chat feature. Whether you're still self-isolating at home or meeting together with me on a projector, you'll have full access to me and my quilt stories.

How I Started Designing Quilts (Lecture): 60-80 minutes - $200

Part trunk show, part slide show, and part story hour, this lecture contains my life history for the past decade in quilting. I share details on my design inspiration, a walk-through of my digital design process, and describe the how and why of the most important moments in my quilt career (spoiler alert: some are good and some are pretty embarrassing). You'll also get sneak peeks at current projects that I'm not posting on social media. It's a fun hour full of stories and colorful quilts.

Virtual Workshops: 4-5 hours - $600 for up to 20 participants*

While there's no substitute for in-person interaction, there are big advantages to hosting a virtual workshop within your guild, especially while many people are staying at home. No hard decisions about what fabric to bring and what to leave behind. No carrying a sewing machine across town. And no lines at the ironing station!

I'm so excited to interact with participants where they have access to the tools they love and their favorite chair to sit in. (Haven't we all suffered through some terribly hard seats during sew days in community rooms?) I've got a great studio setup with multiple cameras that share all the important angles you need to understand the techniques I'm teaching. And instead of feeling like you're taking an online course in a silo, our four hours will allow for plenty of banter and togetherness on top of all the great content you'll receive. 

Check out my available workshops, or let's talk about a tailoring a new class to fit the interests of your membership!

*up to 10 extra participants may be added at $30 per participant.


The Details

This virtual world is really flexible, so we will work together to determine the arrangement that works best for both your guild and me. Your guild's first step is to select an option (and, if applicable, a workshop or two that you're interested in), email me the information with a list of proposed dates, and I will email you a contract that includes all the relevant how's and what if's. We'll make any changes we need to, sign, and then we'll focus on the fun ahead!


My Background

As a facilitator managing multi-party conflicts over natural resources, I often ran multi-day meetings with various forms of content and activities. After that I mediated small claims and district court cases, some of which involved mediating disputes among participants in different countries via Zoom - way back in 2012! I've spend the last few years doing what I love the most: traveling to various quilt guilds and conferences to share my love of quilting. Just like in-person events, virtual lectures and workshops will have their own logistical hurdles, but I have the experience to address these challenges and make your guild's event one to remember!