Would you like me to travel to your location and teach a workshop or give a lecture? 

My passion for designing and making quilts is in each workshop that I teach. I love helping students realize their quilting goals - whether it’s bringing an idea from design to creation or learning the skills they need to follow patterns accurately. My workshop offerings include computer and tablet based classes as well as sewing machine classes. My teaching background includes extensive experience teaching in variety of settings, and each student will leave with the confidence they need to tackle their next project!

This list is for quilt clubs, husflidlager, or other groups that would like me to travel to them. For classes that I host at Nesoddparken, please see the class section in my online shop.


Illustrator for Quilt DesignUse Adobe Illustrator to Design and Plan Your Quilts (3 or 6 hours)  

Learn various techniques for creating and repeating quilt blocks. Easily adjust quilt colors throughout your quilt design with just a few steps. Test multiple quilting motifs and thread colors to decide what will work best for your quilt before you start sewing. Estimate yardage and create a cutting diagram for your project. This class is structured for beginners who have never used Illustrator, and the class will be taught using Illustrator for Macs.


Illustrator for paper piecing quilt designsAdobe Illustrator & InDesign to Create Paper Piecing Patterns (6 hours)

In the first half of this class, we use Illustrator to create machine paper piecing patterns and add labels, registration marks, and seam allowances. In the afternoon we’ll finish our pattern components and assemble everything in InDesign. We’ll discuss options for printing and creating downloadable PDFs. You will leave this class with a helpful step-by-step document and digital example files for future reference. Students new to Adobe programs will be encouraged to follow the class example, and those familiar with the programs may use their own design with approval of the instructor. Taught using Illustrator and InDesign for Macs.


Touchdraw for iPad Quilt Design Modern quiltingTouchdraw as a Quilt Design Sketchbook (3 or 6 hours) (iPad only)

Touchdraw is an affordable, one-time purchase that can transform your iPad into a powerful sketchbook. Learn the basic tools to draw your quilt design and experiment with multiple arrangements and color palettes. Create quilt blocks and learn to repeat, rotate, and color them, or skip the traditional grid and play with shapes improvisationally. Learn how to import photos for tracing or to sample colors to create a color palette from an image. We’ll also cover estimating yardage for your project. Export your design to a jpg for reference while you make your quilt, or use the image to pitch your design to publishers.


Hand sewed flat felled seam for quilting patchworkHand Sewing a Flat-Felled Seam (3 hours)

This patchwork technique is based on traditional Korean bojagi. When fabric is joined in a flat felled seam, the result is a double-sided work of art that can be quilted, hung in windows as curtains, or used in the traditional way as a wrapping cloth around gifts. The large stitches allow opportunities for pops of color and added texture along the basic straight seam. The class includes tips for working with a variety of threads and substrates, as well as binding and finishing your work.








Hand sewed flat felled seam with quarter circle curve patchwork bojagiHand Sewing a Flat-Felled Seam with Curves (6 hours)

The first part of this class focuses on the straight seam. During the second part of the class, we’ll revist the mechanics of the seam and discuss how that applies to the use of a templated curve. The class requires 1 sewing machine for every 2-3 students to prepare the fabrics with basting stitches. Optional class kit includes tools for curved piecing and hand sewing. 


Lanterne Rouge curved quilt patternPattern: Lanterne Rouge (3 or 6 hours)

The Lanterne Rouge Quilt is a block-based quilt that used curves to create a dramatic pattern. The class will cover strategies for selecting fabric, tips and tricks for curved piecing, and alternate arrangements to create a different effects. Class fee includes printed pattern. Optional class kit includes tools for curved piecing.


Spinoff Quilt Pattern curves quarter circle square drunkards pathPattern: Spinoff (6 hours)

The Spinoff Quilt is perfect for quilters new to piecing with curves. The class includes the basics of sewing a precise quarter circle square, and we’ll talk about how to achieve an accurate circle for the center of the quilt design. The class will cover strategies for selecting fabric, tips and tricks for curved piecing, and alternate arrangements to create a different effects. Quilters who would like a challenge may opt to tackle the Wired Quilt which uses a smaller version of Spinoff as a quilt block. Spinoff finishes at 45” square, and Wired finishes at 90” square. Class fee includes printed pattern. Optional class kit includes tools for curved piecing.


Details: The nunber of students per workshop and contract details are all negotiable, but I recommend a maximum of 24 students for both computer and sewing classes. All travel originates from Oslo, Norway, and airfare to many destinations in the United States with 2 months notice averages $600.

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