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Product Bundle for Guilds/Groups
Product Bundle for Guilds/Groups
50,00 kr

Product Bundle for Guilds/Groups

This listing is for guilds and groups ordering multiple products to be shipped to a single address. Each order must have a minimum of 4 sets to process.

Skip down to the ORDER HERE widget at the bottom of the page to select the products to add to your cart.  The correct value of your purchase will be reflected in the shopping cart (disregard the add-to-cart button amount).

If you're a group with an upcoming workshop and are ordering 10 or more sets, use code CURVY20 at checkout for a 20% discount. (Discount does not apply to glue pens). 

*Exchange rates will vary. A US dollar equals approximately 8.5 Norwegian kroner (NOK). For example, 100 NOK equals approximately $11.60 USD, and 200 NOK is approximately $23.50.

Shipping is free worldwide.

Size 1.5"

Only left in stock